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Durum Wheat Pasta

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Showing 1 - 36 of 80 products

Showing 1 - 36 of 80 products
Arco Penne - 5Kgpenne rigate
Arco Penne Rigate Bag 5kg
Sale price€13.75
Arco Pennette Rigate 5 kg n.141Arco Pennette Rigate n.141
Arco Spaghetti 5KgArco Spaghetti Bag 5Kg
Arco Spaghetti Bag 5Kg
Sale price€13.75
Barilla Anelli siciliani 1 kgAnelli_siciliani
Barilla Anelli Siciliani 1Kg
Sale price€3.75
bucatini barillabucatini isngle
Barilla Bucatini n.9 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla Cannelloni n.88 250gBarilla Cannelloni single img
Barilla Cannelloni n.88 250g
Sale price€2.25
capellini barilla 500 grcapellini single  img
Barilla Capellini n.1 500g
Sale price€1.75
 Barilla casarecce 500 grcasarecce single img
Barilla Casarecce 500g
Sale price€2.25
 Barilla conchiglie packconchiglie single
Barilla corallini 500 grcorallini single
Barilla Corallini n.31 500g
Sale price€1.95
ditaliditali isngle
ditaloni rigati packditaloni rigati single img
Barilla Fusilli 5KgBarilla Fusilli single img
Barilla Fusilli Bag 5Kg
Sale price€14.25
fusilli packfusilli single
Barilla Fusilli n.98 500g
Sale price€1.95
gnocchetti sardi packgnocchetti sardi single
Barilla gnocchi packgnocchi single
Barilla Gnocchi n.85 500g
Sale price€1.75
Barilla gramigna packgramigna single
Barilla Gramigna n.52 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla linguine packlinguine single
Barilla Linguine n.13 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla mezze maniche packmezze maniche single
Barilla mezze penne packmezze penne pack
Barilla Midollinemidolline single
Barilla Midolline n.24 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla Orecchietteorecchiette single
Barilla Orecchiette 500g
Sale price€2.75
penne lisce packpenne lisce single
Barilla Penne Lisce N.71 500g
Sale price€1.75
Barilla Penne Rigate packPenne rigate single img
Barilla Penne Rigate n.73 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla Penne Rigate 5Kgpenne rigate pasta single img
Barilla Penne Rigate n.73 5kg
Sale price€14.75
pennette lisce packpennette lisce single
Pennette rigatepennette rigate single
Barilla Pennette Rigate 5Kgpenne rigate barila single img
Barilla piccolini Mini farfalle packMini_farfalle single img
Barilla piccolini mini fusilli packmini fusili single
Barilla piccolini mini penne rigate packmini penne rigate single
Barilla piccolini Mini_pipe_rigate_ packMini_pipe_rigate_single
pipe rigate packpipe rigate single
Barilla Pipe Rigate n.91 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla rigatoni packrigatoni single img
Barilla Rigatoni n.89 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla risoni packrisoni single img
Barilla Risoni n.26 500g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla sedani rigati packsedani rigati single