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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products
Pernigotti Gianduiotto Bag
Pernigotti Cremino Bag 150g
Pernigotti Cremino Bag 150g
Sale price€4.25
Cameo Ciobar Gusto Classico
Baci Dark Bijou 200G
Baci Dark Bijou 200G
Sale price€10.25
Pernigotti Crema Gianduia
Pernigotti Crema Gianduia 350g
Sale price€6.75
Perugina Le Golosita' (hazelnut and salted caramel)
Baci D&G lemon limited editionBaci D&G lemon limited edition
Baci D&G lemon limited edition
Sale price€10.95
Baci Perugina Dark TubeBaci Perugina Dark Tube
Baci Perugina Dark Tube 37.5G
Sale price€2.60
Baci DarkBaci Dark
Baci Dark 125G
Sale price€6.95
Pernigotti Crema Cremino
Pernigotti Crema Cremino 350g
Sale price€6.95
Pernigotti Gianduiotto Snack Bar 40g
Pernigotti Nocciolato Snack Bar
Mon CheriMon Cheri
Mon Cheri 168g (16 Chocolates)
Sale price€7.35
Perugina Cacao Amaro 75g
Perugina Cacao Amaro 75g
Sale price€2.50
Tronky Ferrero
Tronky Ferrero 5x90g
Sale price€3.50
Sperlari Torroncini RicopertiSperlari Torroncini Ricoperti
Sperlari Torroncini Ricoperti
Sale price€4.50
Ristora Cacao Amaro
Ristora Cacao Amaro 1kg
Sale price€9.95
Pernigotti Pepitas Bag
Pernigotti Pepitas Bag 130g
Sale price€6.25
Pernigotti Perle Latte 30g
Pernigotti Perle Latte 30g
Sale price€1.25
Pernigotti Crema Gianduia Nero 350g
Pernigotti Cremino Dark Bag 150g
Pernigotti Gianduiotto Dark Bag
Ferrero Pocket Coffee
Ferrero Pocket Coffee 5x62g
Sale price€3.70

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