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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 products
 Luna Gialla 00 Flour 10kg
Arco Flour '00' 1Kg
Arco Flour Tipo '00' 1Kg
Sale price€2.10
Cirio Pizzassimo 400G
Cirio Pizzassimo 400g
Sale price€1.90
Barilla Flour type 00
Barilla Flour Tipo '00' 1kg
Sale price€2.50
Molino Iaquone 00' Flour 1kg bag
Qui Pane Carasau 250g
Qui Pane Carasau 250g
Sale price€5.95
Molino iaquone flour for pasta
Bellissima twinpack pizza bases
Molino Iaquone La Croccantina 5kg
Frumenta Farina Bianca 1kg
Frumenta Farina Bianca 1kg
Sale price€2.10
Paneangeli  Yeast for Pizza 15g
Paneangeli Yeast for Pizza 15g
Sale price€1.25
base pizza gluten free
Save €1.40
piaceri mediterranei piadina integrale
Piaceri Mediterranei Piadina Integrale - 90g exp 17.06.24
Sale price€4.10 Regular price€5.50
Molino Iaquone Luna Gialla 00 25kg
Molino Iaquone Luna Azzurra 25kg
Molino Iaquone Luna Nera 25kg (Dublin Only)
Molino Iaquone Per Pizza Alla Pala 25kg (Dublin Only)
Pinsami Pinsa 230g
Pinsami Pinsa 230g
Sale price€4.25
Pinsa Focaccia 230g (Dublin Only)
Valcolate Base Pizza Sintesi 230g (Dublin Only)
Mulino Iaquone 5 vereali 10 kg
Molino Iaquone 5 Cereali 10 kg
Sale price€20.50