Pasta Sauces

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Showing 1 - 36 of 38 products
Barilla Sugo Arrabbiata pack
Barilla Sugo Arrabbiata 400g
Sale price€2.75
olive sauce pack
Barilla Sugo Olive 400g
Sale price€3.75
Barilla amatriciana pack
Barilla Sugo Amatriciana 400g
Sale price€4.25
Barilla Pesto Rosso pack
Barilla Pesto Rosso 200g
Sale price€3.25
Barilla Sugo Basilico pack
Barilla Sugo Basilico 400g
Sale price€3.25
Barilla ragu' Bolognese pack
Barilla Sugo Bolognese 400g
Sale price€4.25
Mutti Le Verdurine tube
Mutti Le Verdurine tube 130g
Sale price€2.40
Cirio Sugo Pesto Genovese
Cirio Sugo Pesto Genovese 190g
Sale price€2.75
Triveri Sugo Al Basilico
Triveri Sugo Al Basilico 280g
Sale price€2.95
Frantoio Bianco Sugo Puttanesca 180G
Frantoio Bianco Pesto Genovese Dop Bio Vegan
ricotta sauce pack
Barilla Sugo Ricotta 400g
Sale price€4.50
Rio Mare Tonno Peperoncino
Mutti sugo verdure
Mutti sugo verdure 400g
Sale price€3.95
Cacio and Pepe Cream with Truffle
Tarall'Oro Sugo All'Arrabbiata
Tarall'Oro Sugo alle Cime di Rapa
glass of barilla pomodoro tomato sauce
triveri artichokes pasta
Triveri Sugo Ai Carciofi 130g
Sale price€4.25
Pesto alla genovese
glass of aubergine sauce
tonno sauce pack
Barilla Sugo Tonno 400g
Sale price€3.75
Mutti Sugo Olive
Mutti Sugo Olive 400g
Sale price€3.95
Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata 4.1Kg
Barilla Pesto Calabrese pack
Barilla Pesto Calabrese 190g
Sale price€3.95
Frantoio Bianco Sugo Arrabbiata 180G
Cirio Sugo Basilico
Cirio Sugo Basilico 420g
Sale price€3.50
rio mare pasta puttanesca
Cirio Sugo Napoletana
Cirio Sugo Napoletana 420g
Sale price€3.50
GT Summer TRuffle Sauce 500g
GT Summer Truffle Sauce 500g
Sale price€19.95
pesto with garlic, oil, chilli
Cirio Ragu Bolognese Sauce
Frantoio bianco sugo riviera
Chef Panna Gluten/Lactose Free 3x125ml
Chef Panna Leggera 3x125ml
Chef Panna Leggera 3x125ml
Sale price€2.75
Frantoio Bianco Pesto Nero