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Crostini With Garlic
Crostini With Garlic 100G
Sale price€1.95
crostini tomato basil flavour
panealba crostini rosemary flavour
Panealba Crunchy Stick Calabrese
Panealba Crunchy Stick Genovese
Scrack pomodoro e basilico
panealba sfogliatine
Panealba Sfogliatine 230g
Sale price€3.75
Panealba sfogliette chocolate
Panealba Sfogliette Dorate
panealba sfogliette rosemary flavour
Sfogliette with Olives Panealba
Panealba Stiratini Con Olive Nere
Panealba Stiratini Olio Di Oliva
Panealba Stiratini with Bran
Panealba Stiratini with Onions
Panealba Stiratini with Sesame Seeds
Panealba Tesoretti Breadsticks