Vin Santo & Cantuccini Gift

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This set contains a bottle of Tre Rose Vin Santo di Montepulciano 37.5cl and Sapori Cantuccini alla Mandorla 175g.


Tre Rose Vin Santo di Montepulciano 37.5cl

Intense amber in colour, this Vin Santo offers a complexity of aromas including full fruity notes of fig, apricot, plum and nuts.
Flavour is appealing, with a long and velvety finish.

This wine is traditionally paired with Cantuccini biscuits, which are dipped in to the wine! It is also great when served with cheese.


Sapori Cantuccini alla Mandorla 175g

Cantuccini are diagonally-cut, twice-baked biscuits made with the original Tuscan recipe.  Sprinkled with a shower of almonds and combined with a delicate hint of vanilla and citrus, they are a crunchy delight that exhilarates the senses!

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