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Showing 1 - 36 of 87 products
Barilla 5 Cereali Pennette Rigate pack 400 grBarilla 5 Cereali Pennette Rigate
Barilla Anelli siciliani 1 kgAnelli_siciliani
Barilla Anelli Siciliani 1Kg
Sale price€3.75
Barilla Anellini n 33 500 gr
Barilla Anellini 500G
Sale price€1.25
Barilla linguine integrali 500 grlinguine single
bucatini barillabucatini isngle
Barilla Bucatini n.9 500g
Sale price€1.75
capellini barilla 500 grcapellini single  img
Barilla Capellini n.1 500g
Sale price€1.50
 Barilla casarecce 500 grcasarecce single img
Barilla Casarecce 500g
Sale price€1.95
 Barilla conchiglie packconchiglie single
Barilla corallini 500 grcorallini single
Barilla Corallini n.31 500g
Sale price€1.60
ditaliditali isngle
Barilla Ditalini Rigati Gluten FreeBarilla Ditalini Rigati single img
ditaloni rigati packditaloni rigati single img
 Barilla Emiliane cannelloni packcannelloni single pack
Barilla farfalline packfarfalline single
Barilla emiliane fettuccine packfettuccine single img
Barilla emiliane fettuccine pasta packfettuccine pasta single img
Barilla emiliane filini packfilini single
Barilla Emiliane Filini 275g
Sale price€1.50
Barilla emiliane garganelli packgarganelli single img
Barilla emiliane grattini packgrattini single img
Barilla emiliane lasagne packlasagne single
Barilla emiliane lasagne verdi packlasagne verdi single
Barilla Emiliane Paglia E FienoBarilla Emiliane Paglia E Fieno
Barilla Emiliane pappardelle 250 grBarilla Emiliane Pappardelle
Barilla Emiliane Sorprese All'Uovo packBarilla Emiliane Sorprese All'Uovo
Barilla emiliane tagliatelle packtagliatelle single img
Barilla emiliane tagliatelle packtagliatelle single img
Barilla Emiliane Taglierini 250GBarilla Emiliane Taglierini
Barilla Emiliane Tortelloni Ricotta & Spinaci packBarilla Emiliane Tortelloni Ricotta & Spinaci singlew img
Barilla Farfalle Integrali 500GBarilla Farfalle Integrali 500G
Farfalle BarillaBarilla Farfalle N.265
Barilla Farfalle N.265 500g
Sale price€1.75
Barilla Flour type 00
Barilla Flour Tipo '00' 1kg
Sale price€2.50
Barilla Fusilli 5 cerealiBarilla Fusilli 5 cereali
Barilla Fusilli 5 Cereali 400g
Sale price€1.95
Barilla Fusilli 5KgBarilla Fusilli single img
Barilla Fusilli Bag 5Kg
Sale price€14.25
barilla fusilli bucati corti packfusilli bucati corti single
barilla fusilli integrale
Barilla Fusilli Integrali 500g
Sale price€2.20
fusilli packfusilli single
Barilla Fusilli n.98 500g
Sale price€1.60